UTOPIA Affari legali & societari is an Association of professionals made by distinguished Attorneys and Lawyers. It is a spin-off of UTOPIA S.r.l., first Italian institutional relations, lobbying and communication company, and one of its kind in our national landscape dealing with both legal and legislative consultancy.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari works for high-level national and international subjects, giving legal advices both judicially and extra-judicially, behaving as a trusty partner on the client’s side, aiming for nothing less than absolute client’s satisfaction.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari, aided by its professionals’ team, can provide legal services in all legal branches, along the entire consultancy – trial process. Legal issues experience includes, among others, contracts drafting, corporate, commercial, finance, litigation and labour law, with a strong background in administration of international legal issues too.

Our Attorneys team works synergistically with the others Branches of UTOPIA, inter alia with the Institutional Relation and Legal Monitoring Divisions, to ensure an integrated consulting that makes UTOPIA a one of its kind company in Italy. Our clients can face with just one entity, capable to deal with their needs with very high quality standards. Core business of UTOPIA is assisting clients needing consultancy on sensible matters, which can face easily legislative changes: our company can help clients to understand the full development process from what approved by the Parliament, to its enforcement by the Courts.
UTOPIA helps his clients to find critical issues and the best legal ways to solve them, representing and defending their own interests to the Lawmaker, or, if needed, in a Court.

Our services

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari provides 360 degrees legal support in this area, with special competence in contractual and non-contractual liability issues, unfair competition and debt collection.
The Firm have a strong experience in national and international contract writing, following the clients along all the process from negotiation to the signing, with either Italian or foreigners companies.
The Firm assists clients with Trust and Estate consultancy, establishing and management.
UTOPIA Affari legali & societari can assist and represent clients in front of Italian Justice, in a way that will allow them to successfully bring an action or answer to existing actions.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari provides expert assistance in labour law, assisting employers during the mobility procedures, relocation of employees, staff restructuring, as well as in disputes with employees and/or disloyal partners. UTOPIA Affari legali & societari offers support during negotiations with trade unions and public administration, along with the preparation of collective agreements and individual contracts. The Firm shall prepare corporate welfare plans.

In this field, the activity of UTOPIA Affari legali & societari ranges from Board of Directors and Shareholders Meetings assistance (including the redaction of minutes), to activities of support for extraordinary operations such as corporate restructuring, acquisitions, company branches sale, joint ventures, ATI and RTI establishment, Consortia and Cooperatives, project financing. Moreover, UTOPIA Affari legali & societari assists the establishment of companies and corporations in Italy, on behalf of foreign clients, providing collateral services such as a 360 degrees assistance and consulting, even for fiscal and taxation issues.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari can give advice and assistance for several Intellectual Property matters, including Patent and Trademark Law and Copyright, and competition.  Our Firm support our clients both in advising and litigations process regarding Banking Law matters. It’s also specialized in debt restructuring process, out-of-court settlements to protect their property by advising them on which is the best course of action considering their needs and the market they want to succeed in. UTOPIA Affari legali & societari assists creditors, especially foreigner institutions, during bankruptcy actions in Italy, dealing with debt restructuring, Court agreements, creditors and bankruptcy arrangements and developing the most appropriate strategies for the management of liabilities and   creditors' satisfaction.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari offers assistance in legal actions before Administrative Courts (T.A.R. and Consiglio di Stato), as well as in front of national and EU Authorities.
UTOPIA Affari legali & societari has a strong background in public procurement, based on multiple previous successful experiences; we follow our customers throughout the entire public tender procedure – from the proposal to the award – as well as for the petition for public concessions and licenses, project financing and agreements and transaction requests to the Public Administration.

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari operates on behalf of Italian and foreign clients, supporting the establishment in Italy of companies willing to engineer and build photovoltaic plants. More generally, our Firm sustains the creation of companies investing in non-fossil and renewable energy resources. Our services include contractual and non-contractual legal assistance during the company-branch-sale process and the related financial issues. 

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari, thanks to expertise of some of its professionals, has a strong background in Parliamentary Law and can offer to its clients the largest assistance both to institutions and to individuals, in order to ensure their involvement in political decision-making (hearings scheduling, organization of official meetings etc.).

UTOPIA Affari legali & societari offers a constant law-making-process monitoring and analysis activities, useful to understand what advantages new market rules can bring to our clients, whether public or private.
Our Firm is very experienced in law drafting, preparation of amendments etc., being able to allow our clients to intervene and actively participate at law-making process, in the matters of their own interest.

No law adapts equally well to all

Tito Livio