The reasons for a name 

Utopia, as imagined by Thomas More in his most famous paper, is an island shaped like a crescent moon represented as the ideal state in which the societasperfecta lives.

Moro, one of the most famous lawyers, judges and legislators of his time, therefore describes a perfect state, with an ideal political organization and a rationally organized society in which there are only a few laws - and for this reason, good and known by everyone - which are then correctly applied and easily complied by all its inhabitants.

However, Moro himself realizes that this perfect state could never exist in our real world, and it is precisely for this reason that he calls it Utopia.

Ou- toposin ancient greek, means in fact place that does not exist, while Eu- toposis the great, ideal place.


An island that is not there, then, because it’s too perfect.

Certainly, however, a goal to which the governors, legislators and jurists, yesterday today and tomorrow, should be guided in the exercise of their functions.


An ideal reference point to orient their actions pragmatically.


We at Utopia, in our work, do it daily.